Significant savings with automatic cleaned engine

  • Save fuel
  • Save cylinder lube oil
  • Reduce wear on vital components
  • Improve safety and working conditions
  • Reduced CO2 impact
  • Financial benefits:
    - Reduced SFOC (fuel consumption) up to   1,5% due to operation at correct high   Pmax and higher mechanical
    - Reduced consumption of Cyl. L.O. 5-16%   through optimized dosing based on   reliable “real time” SDA samples.
    - Improved combustion – improved liner     and piston condition.
    - Reduced total cost of ownership.

    Automatic Drain Cleaning System (ADCS)

    Some of the benefits of the ADCS:

    • Fuel saving potential – by maintaining correct Pmax.
    • Cyl. LO. Saving potential – Enables safe reduction of oil feed rates.
    • Very fast sampling time when taking scrape down samples for liner wear monitoring. (All engine loads)
    • Improved safety/working environment/reduction of cleaning chemicals and diesel.
    • Significant savings in the number of man hours spend for manual cleaning.

    The overview engine picture: Source MAN ES

    Example of business case for container vessel powered with MAN 7G80ME-C engine.

    ADCS business case.pdf
    ADCS - Full product information sheet.pdf
    Does your engine need ADCS email version.pdf