Significant savings in the unexplored optimization potential with
IDC - Manuel - Drain Cleaning System

  • Save fuel
  • Save cylinder lube oil
  • Reduce wear on vital components
  • Improve safety and working conditions
  • Reduced CO2 impact
  • Easily installed by crew in few hours. (Just exchange with original pipe - no wiring or other installation needed)
  • The overview engine picture: Source MAN ES

    Partly or fully clogged drain pipes may not always be given enough attention.

    Below main challenges is related to restricted flow in drains – due to partly or fully clogged pipes.
    • Increased Fuel consumption - up to 1,5%
    • Increased Lube oil consumption 5-16%
    • Increased wear on piston rod and stuffing box parts.
    • Increased wear and problems with hydraulic components and fine filters - due to contamination of system oil.
    • Incorrect dosing of cyl. oil - based on misleading readings from cyl. oil drain samples (SDA)
    • Higher risk of cyl. liner scuffing accidents - too late detection / corrective action.

    The partly or fully clogging of the drilled channel in the engine frame has a huge negative impact on engine operation: 

    • Scrape Down Analyzes (SDA) made from oil samples, taken at each cyl. drain are misleading - showing incorrect iron content and other misleading parameters.
    • This phenomenon occurs when fresh oil, dripping from the cyl. liner, is pressed through an 50cm long “plug” of solid sludge - forced by the scavenge air pressure.
    • The “sludge plug” works as a kind of filter/buffer. The fresh and representable oil (dripping from the liner) will either absorb or segregate iron and other content - depending of the balance, when passing through the “sludge plug”
    • The results are incorrect readings - often with elevated iron readings at normal operation.
    • Incorrect (too low/late) Iron readings during abnormal cylinder condition and initial scuffing condition.
    • Both situations generate unnecessary operational expenses.

    Business case

    Example of business case with IDC - Manuel.

    ADCS - Full product information sheet.pdf
    ADCS - Full product information sheet.pdf